MOCH01 – Convulsions – Singles Compilation 2016-2020 – AVAILABLE

Here are the tapes of our first release, the Convulsions split compilation. They turned out great, shoutout to the people at GoTape for their work! They sound awesome, so it was well worth the wait. I’ll be sending them this very afternoon to those of you who ordered one. If anyone wants to buy one, or trade, write me a PM! The next three releases are on their way!

Distro update – Red Truth Productions and Polar Summer

Some distro tapes are coming from Red Truth Productions and Polar Summer. Polar Summer cassettes just came in the mail today, but the other ones come all the way from Kazakhstan, so please be patient! I published it first on Instagram, so some of them are already sold out. Here’s the list. As usual, you can find the whole distro updated on the distro section.

Demersal – To Mend a Yellow Wound (blackened screamo, Denmark, awesome live show, both melodic and aggressive) – SOLD

Piri Reis – Demo (screamo, Singapur, both whiny and angry, cool Drei Affen vibe, almost neocrust) – SOLD

Mortify – Stench of Swedish Buzzsaw (deathgrind, Japan, members of Coffins, Final Exit and Disrotted got together and maxed out their HM-2 pedals)

VVorse – Näkyjä Helvetistä (crust/d-beat, Finland, quality assured)

Cop On Fire – Discography (d-beat, Spain, people from Ekkaia before Ekkaia, legends, real activists listen to Manu Chao) – SOLD

Hurt’em – Condolence (grindcore, Indonesia, in the vein of Nasum, but more aggressive, highly recommended) – SOLD

Paranoid – Praise No Deity (motorpunk, Sweden, no need for further description) – SOLD

Crutches – Förlorad (d-beat, Sweden, one of the best punk records from Scandinavia in recent years, 10/10) – SOLD

Reste/Chivàla (screamo, Germany/Italy, the first band has cleaner guitars a la Øjne, the latter is more epic and with hardcore vibes)

Shikari – Discography (screamo, Netherlands, best skramz band to ever exist imho, if you are into Orchid, Tristan Tzara, Ampere or Jeromes Dream, this is for you) – SOLD

Adrestia – The Art of Modern Warfare (crust/death metal, Sweden, think of Disfear and Wolfbrigade meeting Dismember and Entombed, sounds good, doesn’t it?)

Demigod – Unholy Domain, distro update from Into It Records


Just got some copies of Unholy Domain, the demo by Demigod, which is nearly 30 years old now. It still holds up as raw, unpolished and fierce death metal, nonetheless. These finnish death metal legends would release the masterpiece Slumber of Sullen Eyes the following year. Write us by mail, Instagram or Twitter if you fancy one.

First release coming home!

Last sunday the copies of our first release left the city of Saint Petersburg, so it’s just a matter of time for them to arrive here. Of course, we expect some delay due to the COVID-19 restrictions everywhere, but that’s how it is. You can order yours if you fancy one by dropping us a mail, or writing to us via Instragram, Twitter or Facebook. There are also some cool stuff coming to the distro if you like old school death metal and emoviolence, so stay tuned.