About us

Mochi Tapes is named after my cat, and is currently based on M├ílaga, southern Spain. My aim is to release albums that I like, no matter the genre, in a format I love. Why tapes? Well, cassettes are cheap to make, cheap to sell, easy to do in small runs, they look cool, are sturdy and durable… and I just like them. You don’t depend on pressing plants, on huge quantites to make them affordable, on spending your paycheck on a release, you can do almost everything at home, they are the embodiment of DIY.


I have my fair amount of tapes and vinyl records, and I hate when a release looks boring, so my goal is also to make every release memorable. Always include lyrics, or some illustrations, small zines, stickers, or whatever that can make it special, and put a lot of effort in the details.

This project was started out of passion, not for money, but against it. That’s why with every release, I will detail exactly how much it costs to make them, so you can see that I’m not getting rich with this.

I’m always open to new releases, trades and whatever you can come up with, so don’t hesitate to hit me up.

And last, but not least, this label is run by an openly LGBT and anti-fascist person. I find debate interesting, and there are a lot of stuff where we can just agree to disagree, not everyone I work with has to be exactly like-minded in everything, but I will definitely not tolerate any discrimination, and I expect everyone I deal with to be on the same page about this.